Hope. Each Day. Each Moment.



Working in a hospital always keeps me in touch with the humane side.

Walking along the corridors I see it  all.

The sheer joy of a father’s surgery gone off successful.  The stress of a family sitting in shock at the sudden emergency thrust upon them.  Or the desparate, anxious parents moving around with their young one in arms waiting for some medical miracle for their greatest gift from God.

I see the complex emotions of patients and their families each day.

I sense the dedication and resolve  of the doctors to save each life which have been entrusted to them  with utmost trust.

I observe the caregivers (nurses, attendants, etc.) go about their duties quietly trying to relieve the patient’s pain and provide soothing relief with care and compassion.

And I know the quiet efficiency working behind-the-scenes in the management to provide a smooth, error-free operations for the whole system.

I consider myself lucky to be working in such  an environment.

The Hospital rests on an intricate web of processes and protocols to deliver the right healthcare. 

But above all, it rests on human emotions: dedicated, committed and above all passionate to provide safe, right and trusted healthcare to each patient who walk into it’s door.

It is a marriage of humanity with precision.  Of faith with resolve.   Of hope with compassion.

A standing testimony to human values still alive ,  still  nourishing and always giving hope.

Each day. Each moment.




neflix, amazon, netflix, amazon, netflix, amazon


How excited we were about DTH?

Like Alice caught in wonderland, we were so eager to have so many channels at the flick of our finger.

News, movies, music, entertainment. The choices seemed endless.  And the desire to run through all rampant.

And then came HD. A supposed promise of doing away with advertisements while watching the super vamp, saas-bahu dramas being enacted. Banking on our feverish dreams to devour all without a break.

And now we have the Netflix and Amazon and Hotstars.

Taking away the fingers of so many on the remote from the  the DTH straight  to the button of Netflix and Amazons.

Are we getting too spoilt? Are we getting too inundated? Serials on Star Plus and Zee are now being replaced by TV series on Netflix and amazon.

The winning point is non-stop viewing. Addiction to it causes entire Sundays of all being spent on finishing a series.

So what is it? A great positive new wave we are embracing? Or slavery to all newer pop-ups continuously surfacing? An extremely innovative, smart business venture promoted and marketed so sleekly that we have no option but to succumb.

But have we ever sometimes paused to think?

When I open Netfix nowadays, I am now confused. With a string of new additions, classifications, and an increasing choice between genres, I take 20 minutes to even decide what to see.

And then I begin. Press the Play button in anticipation of supreme entertainment.

Sometimes I am rewarded. Sometimes I  feel let down.

I promise to myself that next time I have 30 minutes to watch i will not open Netflix.  I will just browse through the good old channels  and do complete time pass.

No trying to select from the plethora of titles or tying to follow some addictive series in one go…..(believe me that is the worst thing to do to yourself).

Or why don’t I just pick up my good old book or listen to some music.

Wind down, relax and not get engrossed in some gory killer series or a crime movie to set off my stress points.

I, in fact, look forward to the simplest solution to this.

I have just pressed Play and the doorbell rings. My husband walks in and says, ‘can i watch news?’

Bingo. The choice is not mine anymore.

And Life become so simple, doesn’t it?




wait….don’t put the ice cream in your mouth


Have you battled this?

Every time you put ice cream in your mouth, or a spoonful of any dessert in your . mouth, your insides cringe. Ravaged with guilt and resentment at this dilemma to be faced every single time.

Why cannot life be simple?

Why cannot we just sit back and enjoy the simple pleasure of eating.

How come our parents never thought twice about this? Bhajiyas, ganthiyas, seera would all simply go down their throat without batting an eye lid.

And we just die of guilt.

I recognise that we are more weight conscious.

I understand that we lead a sedentary lifestyle.

I accept that we need to be more fit.

But I see people all around me hitting the gym, walking every single day, exercising judiciously (me included). And yet the culinary pleasures remain elusive.

In the olden days, women used to work in the fields…..solid hard physical work. At home they used to churn the chakki for atta (courtesy your weights today), they used to sweep and mop the floor (squats and lunges), and roll rotis and bind the dough (fingers and hand exercise). And after doing all, they would easily devour butter and ghee with ‘khichdi’ and ‘rotla’.  Wow………..what a dream situation.

All this is being done in the gym today. All around you see the young and middle aged sweating it out. Hitting hard at all the machines. Working out  their fat. Toning their muscles. Making serious, strenuous efforts to shed it all.

And after all those hours of serious hard work, as soon as they reach for the delicious, tempting ice cream , their mind and hearts scream…..‘wait….don’t put the ice cream in your mouth.’

Oh for those good old days!!!!!!!!!

our small perfect moments


We all have our small perfect moments or tasks.

A task which makes us feel on top of the world and assures us that we are very organised.

Because deep down, nothing beats organised thoughts and actions.

Mine is my to-do list in the morning.

Old-world, simple and easy. But oh so satisfying.

When i jot down my daily to-do’s on the list of paper, I feel energised. I have listed and prioritised. I am not talking about the professional diary I write down when I reach my office. That is an auto job. But when while sipping my cup of morning coffee,  I write down all the domestic tasks which i need to complete, I experience fulfilment of having my priority of professional and personal life balance.

Because it is so easy to reach the office and get engulfed in the daily targets and to-do’s.

And when we reach home in the evening…..oh god…forgot to call the pest control guy, did not register a complain about the water purifier machine, the bank pass book sitting in my purse waiting to be filled up.

And we promise ourselves……tomorrow surely.

It is not important that we finish all the small jobs we write down. They are easily carried over the next day.

Scratch the ones done, and rewrite them on the TODAY list.

I love doing it….. thinking, writing, listing …. and then looking back with satisfaction at the small, simple piece of paper. The paper which is a symbol of my organised thoughts, plan of actions and my great feeling of satisfaction, maybe superficial, but which says,  ‘wow………i am so organised’




India after Gandhi by Ramchandra Guha

india after gandhi


What do I say?

That At Last I finished reading this mammoth literary, historical treatise?

This book has been overwhelming.

In sheer volume of size, agenda. The research that must have gone into this book could be mind boggling.

It is no mean task to write such a book. To try and condense the history of the ‘World’s Largest Democracy’ into 700 plus odd pages.

Reading this book has been a great humbling experience too.

When one pictures those independence days, what a daunting task it must have been for Jawaharlal Nehru and Sardar Patel to establish a country, get all logistics right, put all in order, organise states and create a country born from the womb of a curious mix of non-violence and rebellion. To unite various borders into a single country, establish the three pillars of democracy- the judiciary, the legislature and the judiciary.

And so many years later, the country stands proud.  Despite a bitter, blood-torn birth out of partition, a varied linguistic canvas, rise of religious sentimentalism often leading to communal outpourings of hatred and bloodshed.

India is yet there. Proving so many observers wrong. That the linguistic, regional disparities across a wide geography would not stand. That the country would buckle.

But no… we don’t buckle so easily.

Maybe our hard-earned freedom is the secret behind this.

Indian Democracy is here to stay. And India is here to stay.

Despite all its overwhelming problems. Poverty. Illiteracy. Inflation. Corruption.

The unfurling of the National Flag or the rendering of the National Anthem invokes a strong patriotic fervour.  A pride in being a citizen of the country.

I salute the Founding Fathers of our nation.

#India after Gandhi # Ramachandra Guha


Gully Boy



gully boy

In today’s time, the most talked about  film.

The film is about dharavi. The film is about rap. The film is about Ranveer Singh.

But yet it is so much more. And could have been so much more.

The film could have gone loud. Could have been a violent series of images being set in dharavi. Could have been a typical story of a good boy going bad.

But hats off to Zoya Akhtar for not doing that.

There is a quiet restraint.

Ranveer quiet. Ranveer repressed. His only outlet is the rap songs where he vents it out.

At home, in dharavi, he just keeps it all inside. Not going on the wrong track. Not becoming a criminal.

And yet, nothing is hidden. The dark side of his surroundings are very much there. His friend into forbidden business. His girlfriend, the lovely Alia Bhatt leading a cloistered life, dying for the simple pleasures of going out for a party. An abusive family ambience.

The desperation is all pervasive. The pressure to follow a set, standard routine way of life. And in this milieu is burning….a yearning need to break the shackles of a pre-destined course of life. To find expression. To find a voice.

The film is no rags-to-riches story. And that is where again Zoya Akhtar has resisted in showing the usual finale.

The end is non-committal.  No false promises. No stars shining.

Just a euphoria. Of Freedom. Of Expression.

Thank you Zoya Akhtar. And the entire star cast for delivering great performances.



Courage, Determination and Hope




accomplishment action adventure challenge
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


We are continuously using these words so carelessly and so casually.

Sitting in our comfortable homes, we talk of courage when we face extremely difficult times at work. We talk of determination when we go to our exercise class thrice a week. We talk of hope when we pray for our children to get into the best colleges.

But Courage, Determination and Hope take on a new meaning, transcends into a new level when I see my house help battle her own very war of life.

An unemployed husband who lost his leg in an accident. A child born without an arm. It is an exhaustive battle each day to cater to their physical, mental and financial needs each day.

But she defines it all.

Courage- for coming to work each day smiling and teaching me a thing or two about how to repair my minor things at home.

Determination- to educate her children

Hope- to just settle her children off comfortably

No lofty aims. No grand illusions. Survival. Education. Settlement.

I don’t think she is even thinking beyond 2 years from now. She does not have the luxury to do so.

I don’t think she is even thinking how will she manage her husband for years from now. She does not have the time to focus on it now.

Today. Education

Tomorrow.  A Job.

Courage. Determination. Hope

With a smile. For anyone who walks into my door. Anytime. Every time.